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Introduction - Lion Bakery

With our university's support and commitment by our excellent faculty members and 

students, the Lion Bakery was established in 2013 to serve as a 

business training facility for students to apply their learned knowledge to realistic practice. Students can 

learn the abilities of (about) food and beverage making, creative R&D, Production 

Management, Cost Control and Business Management/Marketing. The professional team of Lion Bakery, led by the Dean of 

Business College, Dr. Chou, our Graduate Institute Director, Dr. Huang and 

department faculty members, takes responsibilities and challenges based on their 

expertise. There are six main purposes for establishing this Lion Bakery:

1. Making good quality and safe bakery products

The uniqueness of Lion Bakery is to offer good quality and safe bakery products. 

Artificial additives, such as colorizers, emulsifier, sodium hydrogen carbonate and 

any other improvement additives are not allowed to use in our production.  

2. Developing bakery talents for creative R&D and competitions

Distinctive performance in the WorldSkills International Competition in last few years 

has earned students two Excellence Awards and one Bronze Award in the field of 

Confectioner/Pastry Cook. Those talented students were supervised by our instructors 

Tsai and Shih who are now in charge of the Lion Bakery. Along with our Department 

Director, Dr. Huang, who has strong credential as a judge in the WorldSkills 

International Competition. Lion Bakery was created to continuously develop student 

skills and talents for creative R&D and competitions through professional 


3. Building students’ competency and entrepreneurship

Students can apply knowledge and skills they had learned from different disciplines to 

fulfill their dreams and practice how to start a new business!  

4. Involving students in many projects 

The Lion Bakery provides students an environment for conducting student projects in 

consumer behavior analysis, marketing strategy planning, and creative product R&D. 

The existence of this facility echoes what we believe: Learning by doing is the best 


5. Providing a platform for cross-school collaborations

The Lion Bakery creates a channel for cross-school integration in entrepreneurship 

competition and cooperation among schools within the university. It integrates whole 

university’s resources, such as management and R&D skills from the Business 

College, design and photographic skills from the Design School and healthy food 

development from the Bio-technology Department in Engineering College, and 

provides students great opportunities for practical learning as well.  

6. Extending the opportunities for industry and academic cooperation

The Lion Bakery team also helps small business entrepreneurs invent new products 

and support their business operations and management from the beginning. Such 

valuable experiences is the best testament of what our department is striving for: 

transferring knowledge to help the industry practitioners succeed!

In addition, since the inception of Lion Bakery, it has become a very lovely “food for 

thought” place for the university community in our campus. Everyday the Lion 

Bakery provides over 20 kinds of breads, toasts, cookies or cakes to satisfy popular